Japanese interpreter / guide in Denmark

Yoko Winther – Authorized Japanese guide, interpreter,  coordinator, and consultant, based in CPH, Denmark 

Authorized guide, interpreter, coordinator, and consultant specialized in Japanese market


Yoko Winther, Authorized Japanese guide, interpreter, coordinator, and consultant based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Yoko Winther




Delegation from a Japanese municipality visiting a Danish municipality to discuss on digitalization of communication with citizens and organizations

* Interpretation between Japanese, Danish, and English / Tolkning mellem japansk,  dansk , og engelsk

* Guiding

* VIP escort

* Arranging technical visits, TV-shoots and interviews

* Business matching between Japanese and Danish or other European companies and consultation


Item Price Price for overtime(per hour)
Interpretation upto 3 hours(including time for transportation to meeting venue and preparation) (No arrangement/business matching fee included) 2700DKK 900DKK
Arrangement/business matching and interpretation upto 3 hours(including time for transportation to meeting venue and preparation) 5000-6000DKK
Arrangement/business matching and interpretation upto 6 hours(including time for transportation to meeting venue and preparation) 10000-12000DKK
Private guiding upto 3 hours 1765DKK 530DKK
Private guiding upto 6 hours 2942DKK 471DKK
Tour planning for 8 hours 588DKK
Airport transfer 1765DKK


Japanese delegation from a house/ building renovation company visiting a Danish home and discussing on Danish architecture and interior.

I have a long experience as an authorized tourist guide in Copenhagen, Denmark with degree from Roskilde University, an interpreter for Danish and Japanese companies and organizations in Denmark (Arla, Lundbeck, Japanese Embassy, etc.), and a coordinator for Japanese TV program production teams and journalists shooting and interviewing in Denmark. I also teach both children and adults Japanese and Japanese culture.

My strength is to function as cultural bridge between European and Japanese clients.

I have seen that trust establishment and mutual understanding are the key factors for a success in business with Japanese companies, as Japanese business manner is quite different from European one.

With excellent interpretation as well as profound understanding to both European and Japanese business culture, I will be your trustworthy liaison, which brings successful business relationship with your Japanese clients.

I’m good at working with others and engage myself constructively in teams; I also work really well on my own. I’m a good problem solver and see new opportunities when a task needs to be solved. As a person, I am very hard working and like to make a difference. I am very service-minded, always in a good mood and have a glimpse of the eye, even in pressured situations.

Summary of my strength

* Proficient ability of Danish / English / Japanese

* Profound insight in Japanese, Danish and international business manners and practices

* Good understanding of the cultural and linguistic requirements for conducting successful business in Japanese market

* Solid experience teaching Japanese language and business practices at various schools to both children and adults

* Extensive network in the Japanese business community

* Ability to adapt to different cultural and national settings

* Wide knowledge about Danish history and the city of Copenhagen (Authorized guide in Copenhagen / Denmark)


Yoko Winther